Boszorkányszigeti batyus halászlé - recept

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Boszorkányszigeti batyus halászlé - recept

Frank Sándor Venesz-díjas mesterszakács, és Kádár-Németh Matild mesterszakács a Fehértói Halászcsárda teraszán Boszorkányszigeti batyus halászlét készít.

- As we start cooking we already have the previously prepared and mashed fish base boiling in water in our kettle (made of the heads and tails of the carp -or the likes- with chopped onions).      
- To go on first we cut the fish soft roe (in hungarian called:"fish milk") into tiny pieces to be sautéd in a skillet with chopped onions stirred in some oil then adding 1-2 eggs and sprinkle it with chives to get a pulp-like stuffing for fresh-made pasta dumplings later. (add salt and ground black pepper to it)      
- In the meantime fresh dough being made for the stuffing and when it's ready cut the sheat of pasta equally into squares to be filled (with the prepared stuffing) then forming/shaping small bags/sacks
-with fingers and a fork-  (adding'em soon to the boiling soup.)      
- Let's cut the boned fish fillets into pieces & bits seasoning'em with salt,black pepper and paprika of Szeged then add -relatively generously- red paprika (of Szeged) to the boiling fish-base- pouring the cut up fish too in the kettle! Important: bring it to boil for about 5 or 6 minutes before placing -as the last move- the stuffed pasta          (dumplings) in the boiling delicious fish soup (very carefully stirring occasionally)      
-  Note: when adding the fish-meat to the boiling soup-base place slices of hot green (or red) peppers on the top; since this is going to be a rather spicy, hot kind of fish soup!... (like most meals of Szeged style...)      
- When it's all done (meat as well as the pasta bags) SERVE it by the appropriate traditional table style! Enjoy!

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